Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I want to share with you a blogg by a client who wants to celebrate the lives of our feline friends. We have been fortunate to have Marylynn allow us to help her care for her cats for many years. She first came to us with a cat named “Corrigan”, who was the sweetest, largest male cat you ever want to meet. He had the diagnosis of diabetes, one of few cats “back then” that was treated at home by the owners with insulin. Now it more common practice, as cats are living healthier, longer lives. Corrigan lived many wonderful years after his diagnosis, but his age caught up with him. After he passed she adopted two new kitties. That was 14 years ago! Now she wants you to help her share in memories, present or past.

Marylynn let me know how you can contribute to her blogg, and share your special kitty memories. is a website for readers to share stories of pets who leave, or who have left, their paw prints on our hearts. Your story can be anything you want to tell about your pet, how you met, what makes him special or why you picked her. It’s your choice.

Send your story (less than 500 words) to Please send photos as an attachment. For publication, include either your first name or your full name. If you’d like your hometown published along with your name, please include it.

The site is in memory of MacKenzie, an always-purring muted calico, who was a client of our practice.

She recently lost MacKenzie, and just adopted a Torite from us. How exciting, I can not wait to read on her blogg about the new one.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Help Us Celebrate our 30th Anni-FUR-Sary

In May our way of saying thank you is:

Bring your senior cat in for an exam, and receive a 30-day supply of Coesquin.

What is Cosequin? It is a capsule of medication that is scientifically formulated to support and maintain the health of your pet’s joints and connective tissue. As cats age, it is common for their joints to become less flexible which impacts their mobility and quality of life. You may have noticed that your cat is less eager to jump to their favorite spot. While they used to prowl and chase "prey", now they are content to rest. Or seems a bit stiff after a nap? Cosequin may help decrease the breakdown of cartilage, making your kitty less prone to arthritis.

So bring your kitty in for their exam, and have the Doctors and technician evaluation your kitty for arthritis, and take home a sample.

For the complete brochure on Cosequin, clink on their link. CAT BROCHURE .pdf