Friday, April 29, 2011

National Hairball Awareness Day

Today we celebrate Hairballs!

Pictured is the largest hairball we have ever seen, we had to remove this surgically. At first we thought there was a mass in the stomach. The kitty could not keep food down. Turns out just an impacted hairball. Along with hairball is a picture of a hairball remedy.

It is normal for your cat to have hairballs occasionally.

Hairballs are caused due to the cats’ good grooming habits. They swallow their hair that has come loose while grooming. This is due to the tiny projections on the surface of the rough tongue. While most of this hair eventually passes through the animal's digestive tract and comes out in the stool, some of it remains in the stomach and gradually accumulates into a wet clump - the hairball. Causing the cat to vomit up the hair.

The Hairballs take on the shape of the esophagus, appearing like a sausage, many times people confuse them with bowel movements. As they have the same shape. They can vary in size.

It is normal for your cat to have hairballs occasionally. However, if your cat is lethargic and refuses to eat for more than a day or so, or has had repeated episodes of unproductive retching, you should consult The Cat Practice without delay. As it could be a sign of another condition, not hairballs.

How you can prevent hairballs:

Combing, it is amazing how much hair you can comb out of your kitty.

I love the FURminator. It works so well, especially on your short hair cats. I never realized how much hair a cat has until I started using this product.

Over the counter Hairballs remedy like cat lax a few times per week can help move the hair through the intestinal tract.

Also you can offer a hairball diet along with canned food.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Looking for a unique gift idea for Mom this Mothers Day? How about something new and fun for your yard or home? Laurie Eisenhardt will be having a spring studio Show Saturday April 30th 10-5 and Sunday May 1st 12-5.

Stop by and take a look.

Check out her website:

For her art fair schedule.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Be aware of Easter Hazzards

Be aware of Easter hazards:

Easter is right around the corner. I know not everyone celebrates this holiday

But many people buy the items marketed for Easter.

Please keep your kitty safe.

1. Easter Lilies /all lilies are one of the most toxic plants out there. If your cat takes even a small bite, it is very toxic; it can cause kidney failure and even death.

2. The Easter grass in baskets, (especially the plastic kind.) Cats love to chew this grass. Many times they are lucky and it passes in their bowels. But sometimes the artificial grass gets stuck in the intestines, and can cause a blockage, which needs to be surgically removed.

3. The chocolate: Keep away from dogs and cats, as it is toxic to them.

Play it safe this Easter, if your kitty wants to help in the festivities let them enjoy a very small bite of ham, or a nibble of the Hard-boiled Easter egg, I know my cat comes running when he hears the crack of an egg shell, he loves to eat the cooked egg inside.

For details on each item I mentioned, see this link.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why cats should be in carriers

Why all cats should stay in their carriers:

Last Sunday we had a kitty come into board.

The owner let him out of his carrier, and had him on his shoulders. As I walked toward the waiting room to get him, a client walked in the front door. He bolted out of the door! This all took two-seconds. He ran behind the building and headed for Adams, a busy street. He was so quick no one could tell if he crossed the street, turned left or right. So we all divided up to look for him.

Luckily, he was found hiding in some bushes. He jumped as Tabitha tried to catch him. She caught him in mid air (this could have turned out poorly for him; if he dashed across the street, and also for Tabitha as he could have really bit and hurt Tab. She only suffered minor scratches.

We had this happen another time, a client insisted she could carry her cat to the car without it in a carrier, and the same thing happened. He got out of her arms.

That was a long time ago and did not end so well. A very important lesson, always use a cat carrier when transporting your kitty.