Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why cats should be in carriers

Why all cats should stay in their carriers:

Last Sunday we had a kitty come into board.

The owner let him out of his carrier, and had him on his shoulders. As I walked toward the waiting room to get him, a client walked in the front door. He bolted out of the door! This all took two-seconds. He ran behind the building and headed for Adams, a busy street. He was so quick no one could tell if he crossed the street, turned left or right. So we all divided up to look for him.

Luckily, he was found hiding in some bushes. He jumped as Tabitha tried to catch him. She caught him in mid air (this could have turned out poorly for him; if he dashed across the street, and also for Tabitha as he could have really bit and hurt Tab. She only suffered minor scratches.

We had this happen another time, a client insisted she could carry her cat to the car without it in a carrier, and the same thing happened. He got out of her arms.

That was a long time ago and did not end so well. A very important lesson, always use a cat carrier when transporting your kitty.

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