Monday, March 28, 2011

I want to share my story with you on how I came to The Cat Practice to be adopted.
I was brought in by an animal shelter that wanted to euthanize me. All because I was sick, and they do not treat sick animals.
The Doctor and technicians examined me, they touched me, opened my mouth, felt my abdomen. All three of them discussing my future. One asked "why is her mouth open & her tongue hanging out?" The Dr replied: "she has so many ulcers on her mouth she does not want to close it."
She was right, my tongue was a giant open sore. I could not eat. I was starving, but it hurt too much to eat. None of them wanted me to suffer anymore. They could not stand that I was in so much pain. I had a terrible cold, and my eyes were so goopy I could not see. It was hard for me to breath as I was so congested. They new I had to be saved, as I am a sweet soul. They loaded me up on all kinds of good pain medications, and started me on antibiotics, and other treatments, and waited to see how I did overnight. I heard them say "We have to give her a chance." I was not going to fail them.
It took two days for me to start eating, but I ate and ate and ate. The technician kept refilling my bowl, she was almost crying because she was so happy I was eating.
"She has turned the corner, she is going to make it" she said out loud to all who was there.
Everyday I improved, my eyes cleared up, I could breath, and thanks to that nebulizer they kept near me all day. It took a long time for mouth sores to go away. Maybe two weeks, but during it all they kept placing a drop on my tongue to numb it, so I did not feel the pain.
I am grateful I was given the chance at life. Now I need a chance at a home. I am all grey, medium length hair, and a lady of course. But I am spayed, up to date on vaccines. I am about 2 years old. I love to be held, but also active. I am young and have a lot to learn and see. Please stop by the office to see me. They treat me really well, but I need a home, like they say "There is no place like home"
Sorry the pictures are not so good, I don't like to hold still


  1. I will share this right now...poor little baby, I hope he finds a good furever home!

  2. She did find a home!!! Thank you everyone for
    the interest