Monday, March 21, 2011

Our new Anni- FUR- sary Mugs

In celebration of our 30th year, we thought it would be nice to establish a charity for less fortunate cats. Those cats who people find on the street that are hit by a car, or the ones we save from the Oakland county shelter who are to be euthanized. There always seems to be a need. We are calling it the Feline Friendship Foundation. We are selling Thermal Mugs to help raise money for this foundation. Please come by and help us with our charity, as well as get a cool mug to drink your favorite hot drink. They are $10.00 each.
We have two different ones to choose from. But the back is the same on both, it has our Ann-fur-sary banner on as well as our new logo.


  1. can you possibly consider selling these online for those of us who are too lazy to come over? I would definitely buy one!

  2. We will have to figure that out. Then we have to add postage. But I am sure we could

  3. that's why people have "shipping" when they sell things online! :)

    you could go through CafePress or Etsy or some website like that if someone is making them for you...there are ways to do it and those with cat blogs (like me) can promote them on their blog and you could make money for the kitties :)