Monday, April 18, 2011

Be aware of Easter Hazzards

Be aware of Easter hazards:

Easter is right around the corner. I know not everyone celebrates this holiday

But many people buy the items marketed for Easter.

Please keep your kitty safe.

1. Easter Lilies /all lilies are one of the most toxic plants out there. If your cat takes even a small bite, it is very toxic; it can cause kidney failure and even death.

2. The Easter grass in baskets, (especially the plastic kind.) Cats love to chew this grass. Many times they are lucky and it passes in their bowels. But sometimes the artificial grass gets stuck in the intestines, and can cause a blockage, which needs to be surgically removed.

3. The chocolate: Keep away from dogs and cats, as it is toxic to them.

Play it safe this Easter, if your kitty wants to help in the festivities let them enjoy a very small bite of ham, or a nibble of the Hard-boiled Easter egg, I know my cat comes running when he hears the crack of an egg shell, he loves to eat the cooked egg inside.

For details on each item I mentioned, see this link.

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  1. thanks for the most important reminder! I will be sharing this all over the place! I don't celebrate Easter but most people do...very important info! Have a wonderful Easter!