Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Cat Practice took in a baby kitten on November 9th. A kind person stopped her car to pick up this suffering kitten up after she noticed the kitten was hit by a car! The more upsetting part of this story is not that she was hit by a car, but this person watched as the cars before hers drove around the kitten. They just let her lay in the middle of the road suffering.

That day we could not handle her, as she was so scared and painful. We gave her pain medication & food and shelter for the night.

The next day we were able to x-ray her and found out she had a femoral head fracture. (The ball joint that goes into your pelvis) This requires surgery to fix.

We emailed a copy of the radiographs to our favorite board certified surgeon, Dr. John Gums to evaluate this further.

He was not sure if she also suffered from a broken back. There was a good amount of stool in that area, making it hard to see if it was broken.

The next day after she had her bowel movement, we took another picture and she DID NOT have a broken back.!!

Now she only needs one surgery. But remember she does even have a guardian.

We named her Sparrow, as she is always singing like a bird.

Watch next week for Chapter 2 of this story.

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