Monday, February 28, 2011

Dr. Callahan's Adventure

Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to talk to my son's preschool class about being a veterinarian. I've done it a few times before and I really treasure doing it. Especially when the kids are given the opportunity to "ask" questions. Usually the kids are eager to raise their hand and say random things like, "my dog died," or "my cat sometimes likes to scratch." It always cracks me up to hear them. It's so cute to see the excitement in their eyes, especially when I bring out the furry (or feathery!) creatures - usually kittens - that I've brought to show them and keep their attention. This year we were fresh out of kittens at The Cat Practice. The last one had just been adopted. (Yeah!) So as to not disappoint the kids, I took Angel, a one year old slightly chunky female spayed cat. She had recently come to TCP from the Oakland County Shelter because of down-sizing. And we were her best chance to stay alive. I had no idea how things would go with an adult cat that we didn't know very well. But as soon as I opened her carrier door, I knew it was going to go well! She came out on her own, eager to see all the kids that she had heard from her carrier. From that moment on I was amazed by her. She waited in my arms so patiently while 45 four year old kids came up to pet her. She was so sweet. She is the perfect family cat, even with small children. Now I can say that any family would be lucky to have her!

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