Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July is anti boredom month.

See our July Newsletter “The Scoop” for more tips on how to relive boredom.

One thing I have personally found that works is the cat stroller! This is a safe alternative to letting your kitty go outside. It is a stroller made for pets; it has a screen you zip over the seat so the kitty cannot get out.

I never force my cats to get into the stroller to take walks. All I have to do I say is “Want to go for a walk? Get into your stroller” They jump in. I find them napping in the stroller inside the house when were not outside using it. So they like it. I did find out my two cats did not like to go in the stroller together, so I was taking one around the block, then switching cats. Until, I was given a double cat stroller.

You should see the looks and comments we get from people we pass on the sidewalks. I have taken Ute to the farmers market, to a local restaurant that has an outside patio. They allow dogs, so they said he could sit outside too. I will also take them out on my patio to sit with me while I am outside.

The cats sit up tall and proud as we walk the streets. It is fun for all of us to get out after dinner and take a stroll.

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