Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sparrow's Surgery

See here for all of the pictures!

Dr. John Gumbs graciously donated his time to this special cause, as well as our LVT Laura, and Margey. We cannot thank them enough for helping this little kitty out, preventing her from a life full of pain.

Laura started Sparrow’s surgery out by sedating her with Isoflurane gas & oxygen. She placed an endotracheal tube down her throat, so Sparrow could breathe in the gas. This is what allows her be sedated through the surgical procedure. She had an IV catheter placed in her leg, this helps keep her hydrated during her surgery, as well as keeps her blood pressure up, and helps provide a safe anesthesia experience. We also had placed fentanyl, (a pain medication) in the IV bag, as it provides a slow steady amount of pain medication throughout her surgery.

She also has monitors attached to her that measures her heart rate, What her oxygen level is,(the black object attached to her tongue) her Blood pressure and her temperature.

The leg was then shaved of her fur, and sterilized using betadine & alcohol.

Dr Gumbs made the incision; he had to use large retractors to hold open the incision and to see the ball joint (the top of the femur) he needed to remove.

The neck of femur came out in pieces from the previous injury. But he was able to remove it all, and the operation was a huge success.

Dr. Gumbs then sutured her tissue and skin together. Laura recovered her.

She still had her IV in, giving her pain medication throughout the day.

To all the volunteers, thank you for your kindness.

Later that evening, Sparrow was eating, and standing on her leg!!

See our Facebook page for pictures of this surgery, along with video.

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