Monday, December 13, 2010

Wanted a Foster Home

I am calling on all of you cat loving people out there to help rescue these two kitties.

They were abandoned in October in our parking lot. We are just not set up to socializing them here. We are set up to take care of sick patients, boarding cats and to see outpatients. There needs to be a someone who can take the time to work with these cats, Where as our staff needs to put their energy toward the sick kitties here.

We really needs someone who can bring them into their home, in a large cat crate & work with socializing them. We just are not able to work with these kittens. I took them to my tiny little home, a studio. I never saw them. So that did not work out as planned. I know these kittens could be great pets, they just need someone to foster them until they are good & trusting around people. Unfortunately who ever placed these cats on our doorstep did them a terrible disservice. The better thing to have done would have been: trapped and released these boys. Now they have been in a cage for 2 months scared all the time.

Please: if anyone can or knows someone who can house these precious boys and work on socializing them, it would be wonderful. We would take them back after they are socialized and find homes for them.

They are current on vaccines, neutered, and tested for FELV/FIV. No fleas.


  1. Dawn- Are you still looking for foster home? marina

  2. These kittys have found a home. Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word.