Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chief Is looking for a home

Our Chief is looking for a home.

Many of you already know our clinic cat “Chief” He is a large brown tabby who pretty much decides when he want to socialize or not. Chief has also decided that at his age (9 years) he would rather be in a home than in a veterinary hospital. He thinks there’s just too much going on with all the cats and people coming in everyday.

So Chief is looking for a new home. We will sadly miss him, but we want what’s best for Chief.

Chief is best with the same people in a predictable setting. He is unsure about strange people trying to touch him and gets nervous when he sees unfamiliar faces. But when he gets to know you and trust you he is willing to give so much love. When he loves you, he follows you around, he enjoys being petted, and gives you head butts to show you his affection. He likes to sit and cuddle. He always tries to lay next to the receptionists. He likes to help them type, block their view from the screens and has even hung up the phone accidentally. Chief is a very special cat who also likes other cats.

His favorite thing to do in the front area is to be lifted up while he looks outside the window at the birds. The whole time purring while being held. His second favorite past time is making sure all our kittens that are up for adoption are learning how to become cats. He watches out for them. He really enjoys playing “Dad” to them. His third favorite past time is rolling around in the cat nip left behind I the exam rooms.

Chief is a very sensitive cat who needs a stable home. He was abandoned at The Cat Practice years ago and this may be why he is in such need of security. Many of us have fallen in love with Chief, but are unable to adopt him since many of us have full houses already.

Chief needs a home where he can relax and just be a cat. If you would like to find out more about Chief, please email Margey at: or call 248-540-3390.

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