Thursday, June 16, 2011

Video of unborn babies heart

Our pregnant calico cats are getting really close to giving birth.

We are so excited; every morning when we come into work it is the first thing we look for. Many of our clients are calling, emailing, and checking for updates on Facebook. They have not given birth yet. “Jigsaw” when she first arrived was running a very high fever and lost one baby. We are still a bit concerned about the overall health of the babies. We ultra sounded the moms today.

Good news: The babies still have heartbeats! I videotaped the ultra sound. I know many of you cannot read ultrasounds, but what everyone can see is the movement on the top of the screen. That is the heart beating.

We have a started a list of people who are lining up to adopt these kittens. Also the Moms need homes after their maternal duties are over. If you’re interested please email us at

We cannot guarantee how many they will have, but if you are interested we will call the people on the list.

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