Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why we are celebrating our kittens.

As we are celebrating the joyous occasion of the births of our kittens,

There is another fact we have not stated: The amount of homeless cats and dogs currently present.

The Oakland Pet Adoption Center in Auburn Hills, MI, takes in more then 5,000 homeless animals per year: more than 3,500 of these are cats. That is only Oakland County alone! There is an estimated 8 million unwanted animals in the country.

All animals should be spayed and neutered before they reach sexual maturity, or as soon as possible. There is not a sound medical reason for cats to have one litter. In fact the longer a cat goes into heat, their chances of mammary cancer increases.

We are posting the pictures of the birth of the kittens, and daily progress to share the miracle of birth, as many people do not get to witness this process. People want to see this, have their children experience babies. However there are not enough people to adopt all of these babies.

We rescued these two calicos from the shelter, as they were very sick. They were running fevers over 104! They could not breath well, as they were so congested. We were not aware they were pregnant when they 1st arrived. The Calico’s did not mention this to us. (They were not very good at informing their Dr’s of their current situation). Once we found out, we knew we had to celebrate and share this experience with all.

For more information, and how you can help the overpopulation click on this link.

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